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Brexit, and Trump pushes students to Australia, and Canada

A handfull of polls has found that European students put off by Brexit are likely to opt for other English-speaking destinations. The Germany-based  Inner City Education Foundation (ICEF) Monitor has quoted three studies within the last month suggesting that uncertainty about visas, work permits and funding grants in Britain may put off students from the Read more

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Immigration Politcs makes Anxious international students turn away from UK

For decades Students from the around the world have been flocking to UK universities , eager to get the most out of doing a degree here. In 2014-15 alone, some 437,000 students came to the UK from other countries to study. But this number is shrinking. To the dismay of universities, there have been recent Read more

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How would cuts to international student visas affect UK city economies?

Insinuation  that the government will likely to reduce to half international student visas will no doubt be a concern for the higher education sector, and to those worried about the UK’s poor export performance. But it’s also likely to have big implications for a number of cities across the country. Any restriction on visas, if applied tomorrow, Read more

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UK considers plans to nearly halve international student visas

Home Office looks at slashing numbers from 300,000 to 170,000 under tougher student visa rules. The Home Office is considering cutting international student numbers at UK universities by nearly half, Education Guardian can reveal. The threat is being greeted with dismay by university heads, who say some good overseas applicants are already being refused visas Read more

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Overseas students: new work visa rules make UK ‘challenging’

Salary thresholds for non-EU nationals may drive students to rival nations, warns immigration expert. International students may be put off from applying to UK universities by “challenging” new restrictions on employing foreign graduates, an expert on immigration law has warned. While higher education has won several exemptions from new proposals to limit the flow of Read more

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