Brexit, and Trump pushes students to Australia, and Canada

A handfull of polls has found that European students put off by Brexit are likely to opt for other English-speaking destinations. The Germany-based  Inner City Education Foundation (ICEF) Monitor has quoted three studies within the last month suggesting that uncertainty about visas, work permits and funding grants in Britain may put off students from the Read more

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Top European countries and Universities offering free education

Quality education at no cost to you. Study in European countries and universities with CIP NIGERIA If you want to study in Europe, your parent’s income may not be the deciding factor  quality education. There are tuition free universities in European countries such as Norway, Sweden, and Germany. Norway International students flock to Norway to Read more

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New rules to attract non-EU students, researchers and interns to the EU

Harmonized EU entry and residence rules to make it easier and more attractive for people from third countries to study or do research at EU universities were approved by Parliament on Wednesday. The new rules clarify and improve conditions for non-EU interns, volunteers, school pupils and au pairs. The new rules merge two existing directives (one Read more

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